Commands by Tasks

The following table shows commands used for specific tasks. Unless otherwise specified, all commands are for both Windows and UNIX.

Check system statusautoflags, autoping, autosyslog, chase, chk_auto_up, unisrvcntr
Convert cron to jil (UNIX only)cron2jil
Define jobs or machinesjil
Define calendarsautocal_asc
Event commandssendevent
Maintain databasesarchive_events, autotrack, clean_files, job_delete
Manage securityautosys_secure
Manage time zone tablesautotimezone
Monitor jobsmonbro, autosyslog
Report job dependencies and conditionsjob_depends
Report job statusautorep, autostatad, autostatus, monbro
Start Unicenter AutoSys JM (UNIX Only)eventor

Start/Stop/Restart/Status CA-UAJM Scheduler

Restart CA-UAJM Scheduler on ABTGPDB

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_sched.PRD restart
    CA-UAJM Scheduler (PRD)  stopped.
    CA-UAJM Scheduler (PRD)  [  OK  ]

Verify CA-UAJM Scheduler on ABTGPDB

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_sched.PRD status
    CA-UAJM Scheduler (PRD)                 29448  running

Start/Stop/Restart/Status CA-UAJM Application Server

Restart CA-UAJM Application Server on ABTGPDB

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_server.PRD restart
    CA-UAJM Application Server (PRD) stopped.
    CA-UAJM Application Server (PRD) [  OK  ]

Verify CA-UAJM Application Server on ABTGPDB

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_server.PRD status
    CA-UAJM Application Server (PRD)        26179  running

Start/Stop/Restart/Status/Monitor UAJM_AGENT



  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_agent stop
    CA-UAJM Agent stopped.


  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_agent start
    CA-UAJM Agent [  OK  ]


  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./uajm_agent status
    CA-UAJM Agent          821  running

Start/Stop/Restart/Status/Monitor CA-CCS


  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./CA-CCS restart
    WV status Server is not running
    Executed CA-cauwvdmn stop........................................OK
    Stopping cci daemon. 
    CAICCI_S_0046 Command completed successfully
    Executed CA-cci stop.............................................OK
    Stopping CA-diadna 
    Stopping DIA DNA daemon...
    DIA DNA daemon stopped
    Executed CA-diadna stop..........................................OK
    Starting DIA DNA daemon...
    DIA DNA daemon started
    Executed CA-diadna start.........................................OK
    Executed CA-cci start............................................OK

CA Status Report on ABTGQDB (agent)

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo ./CA-CCS status
                   CA Services Status Report
               Component Name               Pid        Status    
    ------------------------------------  -------  --------------
    CA-diadna Server                          709  running   
    CA-CCI Server                               -  not active
    CA-CCI Remote Server                        -  not active
    CA-CCI Clean Up                             -  not active
    CA-CCI Legacy Proxy                         -  not active
    CA-WV Status Server                         -  not active

Command Line

The following commands all require the use of the Autosys cmd prompt.

  • To extract a job or list of jobs from the Autosys db to a text file:
        autorep -J [ALL | Job_name] [-q] [> file_name], -d (detail), -r (run number), 
                -o (override), jil < file_na -G (global var report), 
                -M -q for machine definitions.
    	Ex: autorep -J job_name -d
    	    autorep -J job_name -q > file_name 
                           queries the DB & save job Dfn. Into a file that can be vewed
    	When you want a report of a box use the -L0 option
    	      autorep -J job_name -l1      
                           report on the job for the day -1 (prev day)
  • The following will get you the box you created as well as the job.
       autorep -J %_TGPROD_% -q > Aleks.jil
  • To input a list of jobs from a text file into the Autosys db:
       jil < aleks.jil

If you run this command right now, you get an error do to the jobs already existing. You can delete jobs this way as well.

The following are a list of "JIL" commands that can be used:

  • insert_job - Adds a new command, box, or file watcher job definition to the database.
  • update_job - Updates an existing command, box, or file watcher job definition in the database.
  • delete_job - Deletes a specified command, box, orfile watcher job from the database. If the specified job is a box job, the box job is deleted and the jobs in the box become stand-alone jobs.
  • delete_box - Deletes a specified box job and all the jobs in that box from the database.
  • override_job - Defines a one-time override of specified attributes to apply to the next run of a job.
  • insert_machine - Adds a new real or virtualmachine definition to the database.
  • delete_machine - Deletes the specified realor virtual machine definition from the database.
  • insert_monbro - Adds a new monitor or report definition to the database.
  • update_monbro - Updates an existing monitor or report definitionin the database.
  • delete_monbro - Deletes the specified monitor or report definition from the database.
  • insert_job_type - Adds a new job type definition to the database. This is the only way to define a job type.
  • update_job_type - Updates an existing job type definitionin the database. You can use this command to change the values of the command and description attributes. 146 User Guide JIL Subcommands
  • delete_job_type - Verifies that no jobs are currently defined with the specified job type, then deletes the specified job type definition from the database.
  • insert_xinst - Adds a new externalinstance definition to the database.
  • update_xinst - Updates an existing externalinstance definition inthe database.
  • delete_xinst Deletes the specified externalinstance definition from the database.
  • insert_blob - Adds a new blob definition associated with an existing job.
  • delete_blob - Disassociates a blob definition from an existing job and deletes the blob from the database.
  • insert_glob - Adds a new glob definition referenced by a given name.
  • delete_glob - Deletes the specified glob definition from the database.Note: Blobs and globs can only contain the following characters: A-Z, a-z, and 0-9.